Remote Battery Switch 12V

Remotely controlled battery main switch and emergency stop 12V


Modern electrical installations are intrinsically very reliable. However a remotely operated battery switch is now required by law in many countries. This VETUS battery main switch can be either remotely controlled electrically or activated by hand in an emergency. This makes it ideal for use with bow thrusters, anchor windlasses or other high current consumers.

The switch should be fitted as close as possible to the battery of the bow thruster or other consumer, but always in a position where the red emergency stop button is within easy reach. For remote switching on and off, a control panel is supplied.

The standard loom is pre-wired with multi-plugs. Extension looms and control panels are available as an option. In an emergency or if the remote control is inoperable, the battery bank can be isolated by pressing the red button. This battery main switch/emergency stop is available in combination with 12 or 24 Volt D.C.


When a 24 Volt bow thruster is connected to a 12 Volt circuit by means of a series/parallel switch, a 12 Volt battery main switch must be selected. When a 48 Volt bow thruster is connected to a 24 Volt circuit by means of a series/parallel switch, a 24 Volt main switch must be used. Maximum loads: 250 Amps. continuous or 800 Amps. for 3 minutes.


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