Bow Thruster 410 kgf HM

Hydraulic bow thruster 905 lbf (410 kgf) including hydro motor 22 kW, for tunnel diameter 15 3/4″


For vessels with existing hydraulic power installations, or with an engine capable of driving a Vetus hydraulic pump, a Vetus hydraulic bow thruster is a very attractive option.

The main advantage of hydraulic power over DC is virtually unlimited running time. This is often vital for heavy displacement yachts or commercial motor craft.

BOW410HM features an all bronze, sealed motor situated in the tailpiece to greatly assist cooling.

Why Vetus bow thrusters?

  • A single propeller creates less flow disturbance in the tunnel.
  • Unique propeller blade design minimises caviataion noise.
  • Spiral gears minimize transmission noise.
  • Streamlined tail piece for optimal flow.
  • All Vetus maneuvering systems meet the EMC requirements.


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