B-kit maintenance

B-kit maintenance

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B-kit maintenance – marine

Suitable for:

  • Whisper SQ8
  • Whisper SQ10

This maintenance kit includes the following parts:

Part description: Quantity: 
Copper ring 12X18X1.5 MM 3
Cover impeller pump 1
O-ring bearing 80X2 1
Bearing 40X80X18 MM 1
Rotating diode 6-11 KvA 1
Gasket fuel return injector M 3
Nozzle injector M 3
Oil filter including valve M 1
Gasket rocker cover 1
Gasket thermostat M12 1
Thermostat M12 1
V-belt 1
Glow plug 3
Gasket impeller waterpump 1
Impeller waterpump 1
Bearing impellerpump 2
Seal impellerpump WA+RVS 22X27X7 2
Clip impellerpump large DIN472-28 Type J 1
O-ring impellerpump NBR70 12X2.5MM 1
Screws impellerpump stainless ZKGR M4X8 6
Clip impellerpump small DIN471-11 2
Fuel filter WP 1
Switch coolant temp 100C M16X1.5 NC 1
Oil pressure switch 0.5Bar – single pole 1
Exhaust switch kit 1
Fuse blade 3A 32V Violet 2
Fuse blade 10A 32V Red 1
Relay with clamp 1 pol 12VDC 180A 1
Capacitor 25uF 475V cable kit class B 60Hz 1
Capacitor 30uF 475V cable kit class B 60Hz 1


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