Elite generators


Elite Generators 

3.5 kVA – 15 kVA Mobile Generators

Whisperpower The Elite: Unleash Ultra-Quiet Power with Unmatched Performance

Silence meets power with Whisperpower The Elite generator.

This revolutionary Genverter combines cutting-edge technology with compact design, delivering unmatched quiet operation and peak performance for your demanding needs.

Here’s what sets The Elite apart:

  • Whisper-quiet: Enjoy noise levels as low as 53 dB, making it perfect for noise-restricted areas.
  • Powerful: Choose from 8 kVA or 15 kVA models, ideal for powering homes, RVs, boats, and more.
  • Clean & stable power: Genverter technology ensures pure sine wave output, safeguarding sensitive electronics.
  • Fuel-efficient: Diesel engine offers lower running costs compared to gasoline generators.
  • Compact & lightweight: Easily store and transport thanks to its intelligent design.
  • Twin-Power capability: Parallel two units for double the power or redundancy.



  • Home backup power with exceptional quietness.
  • Demanding RV and boat electrical needs.
  • Construction and job sites requiring clean power.
  • Noise-sensitive outdoor events and camping trips.
  • Emergency preparedness with reliable performance.


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