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AtlasGo generators for mobile/ off-grid use


General description:

The WhisperPower AtlasGo is a mobile diesel generator available in eight models, ranging from 7.5 kW to 43.5 kW, making it suitable for various applications requiring reliable backup or off-grid power.

Each AtlasGo model is a complete, ready-to-use power pack, including a low-emission Stage V liquid-cooled diesel generator, an industrial alternator, and a sound shield to minimize noise levels to 60-65 dBA



Here are some key features of the WhisperPower AtlasGo generators:

    • Mobile and self-contained: Easy to transport and use on various sites.

    • Power range: Capable of powering various applications from essential appliances to demanding equipment .

    • Quiet operation: Suitable for noise-sensitive environments due to the sound shield.

    • Low emissions: Stage V compliant diesel engine minimizes environmental impact.

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